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Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 93

What a fun fun day! We went to the Discovery Center and had a BLAST playing with all of the fun science things there. We looked in a microscope to see bugs and cocoa, another showed us our blood cells in our retinas, we learned about sound vibrations (one computer even showed us how tall we were just by talking to it!), the boys went into a little grocery store where they got the items on their list and then paid for them, there was a bed of nails, a yelling tube (Carson especially liked that one) and so many other fun fun things! After we were done there we dropped daddy off at his conference and we headed to CHUCK E CHEESE!!! The boys have DREAMED of going there for ages. So, you can imagine their excitement when we were able to go. They were in awe walking in. We invited Grandma and Grandpa and we all had lunch before hitting the games. It was so much fun! We spent the better part of the afternoon there before we said "see you later" to Grandma, Grandpa and Chuck E Cheese and went back to the hotel to go SWIMMING!!! It was so nice and warm outside it made the pool feel heavenly! By the time we were done swimming daddy was done with his meetings so we picked him up, had dinner with Grandma & Grandpa and went back to their house for some fun visiting before we went back to the hotel for bed!
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