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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 78

D went home this afternoon. We miss her very much. We went to Rexburg for our family haircut day. D and I also got a manicure. It was so cute how excited she was to pick out the color and keep her hands very still as they primped them for her. Tonight we had Luke's T Ball pictures and a game. It was SOOOOO windy and cold!!!!! We almost didn't stay for the game but I felt a little guilty for leaving his team there without him, so I took the kids (daddy stayed home to clean up and get some things done). They only did a short game; everyone bats once. Here's a picture of Luke stuck on second with Isabelle keeping him company. Then Isabelle ran to short stop. Then to third. Then when she was at 3rd Luke ran to short stop. Then Luke went to 3rd. Then they ran home together. And the game was over. SO CUTE! We were dying laughing. I don't know why parents say they don't like watching Tball, it's HILARIOUS!
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