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In order to keep up with all I have going on in my life I'm combining this blog and my family blog. I will still make 1 post a day, every day. But I will use it to make a family journal/photo book at the end of November 2009 to document our year. It's just too confusing having 7 or 8 blogs to work on. Anyways, continue follow me at



Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 131

A beautiful Sabbath day. This pic was taken before church outside the house, then I darkened the background in photoshop CS3 Extended. Nothing much more to report!
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 130

Lilly's new trick. She LOVES books. She goes straight for the bookshelf & pulls them all out then sorts through them and looks at them. Thankfully she doesn't rip them up like her brother's always did (yet?) but she does like to crumple every now and then...and gnaw on them! Today was such a relaxing day. Lawrence worked outside, Lilly & I spent a while out there...the boys ran around in their swimsuits and everything was calm and peaceful. Except the wind.
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Day 129

Lawrence had his "procedure" today at the IF surgical center. Everything was great and he doesn't have to go in for another 10 years. Hopefully then I'll be able to leave all 3 kids at home as it was a bit boring for them. ha ha ha But, daddy wanted his family there for him and we were happy to oblige. The best part of the day was hearing the "10:32 Story" 1/2 dozen times. "The last thing I remember was looking at the monitor and it said 10:32 on it." Funny part is that the first thing he asked when he woke up is "What time is it?" And asked several times thereafter...as well as if we could go eat (hamburger with avocado specifically). We love you daddy!
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Day 128

Luke had his soccer game tonight and he scored a goal!!!! First goal he ever scored during a game. WAY TO GO LUKEY!!!!! Carson & I screamed and cheered for him after he kicked it in and I gave him a big thumbs up. He returned the gesture and then strode down the field, head high, arms a' swingin'! He told me earlier that he was going to do it and by golly, he did!

**This pic was taken with my Nikon N70 and not ON this day, but the next day**

Day 127

The foster kids went home today, we miss them. Little Lilly is getting 2 new teeth that are very painful! Keeping her up at night, fevers and CRANKINESS! Poor baby. That middle one keeps going up and down. OUCH!
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Day 126

Dinner at Chuck-A-Rama with 5 kids & 2 adults = good deal! BUT...Lawrence's face says it all. ha ha ha We love Thomas & Danica.
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Day 125

Photoged by Lawrence, PP by me. We went to IF today. Came back & sold the dog & Explorer...YAY! Now I almost have enough $$$ to buy a new camera.
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