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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 86 - Happy Birthday Lawrence!

We had such a FUN day today! Lawrence had breakfast on the porch (french toast, bacon, OJ) after he and the boys played outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather for a while. Then I ran to my Children's Mental Health Council meeting. When I got back we went to Idaho Falls and saw Prince Caspian at the theater (it was SUCH a good movie, but it's among my favorite of all books ever so no surprise). Then Lawrence wanted to go to the Animal Shelter and play with the dogs. We loved this chocolate lab so much. He was so sweet and playful. We also saw two miniature schnauzers that we fell for. After that we went to dinner at Lawrence and Luke's favorite restaurant, Chuck A Rama! We stuffed ourselves then went to the pet store where we got two black fish (the person that worked there gave us a girl and boy so our hopes of babies might be realised). There was a teeny, tiny little baby fish in the tank that she threw in for free!!!! It is SO cute! We named it Puff. When we got home we all crashed. It was such a nice day. I love spending time with my family! It just never gets old.
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