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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 71

I was standing at the sink this morning doing dishes. When I turned to put one in the dishwasher I saw Lawrence kneeling holding a rolled, tied paper up to me. It was a sweet invitation to dinner tonight at my favorite restaurant, Johnny Carinos! He made all of the arrangements to have the boys at LoLo's and we all got our work done quickly so that we would be ready in time to go. We even went to Robert's and got some things for a SMOKING deal! Dinner was soooooooo good! And the manager is in our ward so he kindly gave us dessert for FREE! It was my favorite, Italian Chocolate Cake. WOW. That stuff is to die for. We picked up the kids, played Tball outside for a while (not as enjoyable as it sounds with the 40+mph winds) and fed them dinner. Not long after that Lawrence was called back to IF to the hospital to give a man a blessing. A fine day indeed!

The picture is of Lilly in the car, waiting for dad while he was running some errands before our big day out. Nothin' special...it was all I shot today. Although her funny little face is awful cute!
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