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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 89

We had a fun Saturday today! Finally it's feeling like summer (just in time as today was the first day of summer). Upper 80's, little breezes, NO WIND!!! Maybe I just cursed myself. ;) Lawrence and the boys slept out back in the tent last night with Peter & his kids. They seemed to have a blast. They all had breakfast while Lilly & I slept in. Baxter was groomed this morning (shaved bald) and looks much cleaner. We went out to look at a Willy's that's for sale in the area in hopes of restoring it but it was junk. Then we grabbed lunch at Wendy's and ate it at the city park. What a NICE day for a picnic! Then we went to the local nursery and bought some flowers for our front yard. We planted them under the trees out front, hopefully they take! Then the thing that is so rare it is almost non-existent happened...we all took a NAP! After the boys woke up they put their suits on and ran in the sprinklers. We all ate dinner and then watched some TV before bath time, story & BED! Isn't that the perfect day???

The pic is of a spider's web on the Willy's, as requested by the boys.
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