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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 119

Luke had soccer practice today. Coach says he's doing GREAT and his enthusiasm for the game is growing. They got popsicles after the game, not sure why but Luke's been expecting it for a couple of weeks now. Carson somehow got their refrigerator toy out front on the door. *sigh* It never ends. ;) The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the playroom. Now, having typed that I see it comes across as the playroom being very messy. NOT TRUE! It wasn't bad at ALL. So, why did it take over 8 hours to get it done? That's what I want to know! In the end, most of the toys ended up in a trash bag headed for the DI. Oh, MOM! What a cruel thing to do! Right? WRONG. Luke was overheard whispering to Carson, "Now we don't have to clean up toys anymore." I guess it's best for everyone. On a brighter note DADDY GOT HOME!!! YAY! We missed him soooo much. Welcome home sweetheart! We love you!
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