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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 106

What an enjoyable day! Luke had his first soccer practice today. He did GREAT! He was really into it, loving the game. He even made a goal in the scrimmage! GO LUKEY! Daddy trenched the garden today and made a moat of sorts in it so when we got back the boys were in it before I could blink. Naturally, with them as dirty as they were I got a call that Aunt Joyce and Uncle Vince were in Rexburg and can they stop by. So, we rushed to get them cleaned up before they got here. We really enjoyed their visit and we're so glad that they came! After they left we went for a nice walk to the homestead so I could shoot some pics of Lilly. Well, she took the opportunity to devour the all-you-can-eat dirt/stick fest. I couldn't get her hands out of her mouth, wipe her off and shoot a picture for the life of me! Regardless, we got some cute shots. This one was totally blown so I messed with it and I like the artistic flare I ended up with. It's still not perfect in the technical sense, but I like it.

I forgot to mention that last night Luke gave the FHE lesson on Moroni and the golden plates and Joseph Smith. He did a very nice job.

ISO 200
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Tyra said...

HI Brittany, I stumbled across your blog! I, too, have a photography blog and I just posted a photo challenge, your pics are great, you should enter the challenge! Wow, what an adorable little Lilly you have! I can not believe how much she looks like her brothers. It looks like you are having fun with a daughter, I sure am! I do no know what we would have done with out her sweetness in our lives. She brings calmness and constant joy to all of us {even the boys} my family blog is www.andtheruseisup.blogspot.com and my photo blog is www.momentsbytyra.blogspot.com