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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 114

Daddy left today. We miss him sooooo much! Lilly is so funny when daddy talks to her on the phone. She gets the cutest puppy-confused face and turns the phone over and over in her hands looking for daddy. Then she'll smile big and bounce when he starts saying a familiar phrase "I'm gonna EAT her!" "There's my girl, there's my girl, there's my little tiny GIRL!" "Patty Cake..." "This is the way the ladies ride..." etc. So sweet! We had a very busy, fun day. After we took daddy to the shuttle I dropped the boys off at LoLo's and I went to my Children's Mental Health Council meeting. Kimber, her cousin and Angela came this time. After the meeting I cleaned up the house a bit before we headed to Idaho Falls for Baxter's dog food. We ended up getting a toy for him and a few new fish, too. We came home, the boys changed into their suits and we went to the Tower's house for some backyard water fun. Then it was dinner, prayers, visit and bed!

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