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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 250

Luke's favorite movie: Phantom of the Opera. He's awful quiet tonight so I look to see what he's doing and he's cutting up his skeleton costume's mask to turn it into a phantom mask!!! Little does the guy know I got him about 24 phantom masks that he can decorate himself for Christmas. Last night, as we were decorating the tree he bent down to Lilly and says really quiet "You are my angel, my angel of muuuuusicccc." Then he starts singing the song. It was hilarious. So anyways, here he is...my own personal Phantom of the Opera.
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Tess said...

Wow! Someone so young loves the "phantom of the Opera"! I love it!

Eric L said...

That's funny! The angel of Music, LOL!

Sandra said...

What a beautiful image - such emotion he puts into it.

snaphappee said...

What a creative and dramatic little man you have!

Jessica said...

haha...what a cutie! I love Phantom, I think he has to be the cutest Phantom I've seen yet.