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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 219

Just a quick snapshot of these cute little friends at their Preschool party today! It was great! Lots of fun activities mixed into their normal routine and not a lot of sugar! I absolutely LOVE our preschool! There aren't a lot of kids in a class (8-10 maybe?), they do LOTS of fun things and tuition is very reasonable! The kids pictured are in our carpool...which I also love (only having to drive once every 3 weeks?! Awesome!). Happy Halloween Eve!
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Sandra said...

OMG! How sweet! It's been so long since mine were that size (sniff sniff) enjoy them.

Tess said...

So cute! I love their costumes!

Diana said...

Aww....two little princesses and a little Incredible =).

Which one is yours?

Brittany said...

Thanks - Mine is the little boy (he's Robin - not Incredible, he was Dash last year...he's gotten that a lot this year and is quick to correct). LOL