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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 218

Today: Get Luke to school, other 2 kids to the Dr for yearly check-ups & (don't say it!) *shots*, make it home with the car running on fumes, clean house, laundry, tend to irritable children and meet their every demand out of guilt (from the shots, of course), try to check things off my never-ending To Do list, meet the bus and pray someone doesn't run over him as he crosses the street to me, make lunch, clean the kitchen while family eats lunch, clean up after family eats lunch, baby down for a nap, boys down for TV time, sort mail, more laundry and house cleaning, vote (we never know if we'll be in town on any given day so better safe than sorry), get homework and activities going for boys, threaten them with their lives for not being quiet (they wake the baby every. single. day!), clean play dough off the floor, start dinner, enjoy Aunt Mary's company, decorate Halloween cookies, clean up kitchen, bath, teeth, pj's, read scriptures, family prayer, loves all around...wait for it...wait for it...YES! Everybody is asleep!!!! Whew.
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Tess said...

Sounds like my kinda day. I love it when they are asleep! I love the image of your voting though! I got mine in the mail today! :)

Eric L said...

So, what did you do in your free time? ;~)

Great Shot BTW

Diana said...

Lol, whew I was even exhausted after reading that. Lol. Love the photo. I wonder what they would say if I showed up at the actual election poll sporting my canon? Lol.

snaphappee said...

I can so feel your pain! I, too, love the photo! Sneak a few minutes of "Mommy time" in today!

Mel said...

whew..sounds a lot like days around here! I swear my 3 year old's mission in life is to wake up her brother when he is napping. LOVE the photo!

Sandra said...

wow what a busy day - long to do list. Love the image.